Contains: 1 Game Board, 6 Player Pieces, 6 Plastic Cups, 6 Plastic Bead Strands, 450 Plastic Beads, 2 Dice and 1 Page of Easy Rules!

Three FUN Ways
to Play!

3 Fun Ways to Play ( 2 to 6 Players )

The 1st way to play the game is the fastest way. Each player will fill their cup with the loose beads from the box in the center of the board while making their way around the colorful game board. The first player to fill their cup until the cup cannot hold any more beads and the beads spill out over the rim is the winner of the game!

The 2nd way to play is the best choice if the players would like to play for points and play more than one round until there is a winner! The players will add up their points according to the values given for the six different colors of the beads. Each round will end when one of the players has filled up their cup until the beads spill over, then, all of the players will add up their points and will move on to the next round.

The 3rd way to play is the Adult Only Version. Follow the rules for the 2nd way to play and in each round the player who starts the round will choose a WILD number from 2 to 8. When any player lands on the WILD number they must choose to take a Drink (the player is responsible for what type of drink that they choose) or do a Dare! If the player chooses the Dare they will pick one of the other players to give them that Dare and if the player refuses to do the Dare they will have to forfeit any points that they have earned so far!

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